Yann Jaime Sepulveda


Yann Jaime was born in Switzerland to a Chilean father and a Swiss mother and holds a degree in architecture from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He has traveled around the world and been inspired by the landscapes and cultures, who crossed his path. His artistic journey took him from Vietnam via Switzerland, Italy and Poland to France, but only in Paris, after a stay at the École du Louvre, he really refined his imagery. Inspired by art history and trained in oil painting in Edgar Saillen's studio, Yann Jaime combines ancient and contemporary techniques in a captivating visual symphony. His works invite the viewer on a journey through time, in which there are references to contemporary culture or the French art landscape 19. Century mix with the characteristic central perspective framing of video games. In this fusion, time seems to bend and offer moments, which both completed, ongoing and already past, and thus cause fascination and standstill. The manner is particularly remarkable, how Yann Jaime brings the classic portrait and still life genres to life by drawing on contemporary reality. His themes taken from everyday life are transformed into compositions full of emotions and intrigue. Yann Jaime invites us with his works, to go beyond conventional realism and discover a deeper view of reality, an exciting reality, which needs to be explored and interpreted. Every painting is an invitation, about our own existence and the role, that we play in this ever-changing world, to think about.

Exhibition & Art fairs (Selection):

• Muisca Art Center, February 2024, Paris
• PassepARTout Gallery, June-September 2023 Milano
• The Apothecary, October 2022, Paris

The artist about his work: