Annika Siebert became 1971 born in Dithmarschen and studied composition and painting in Wiesbaden.

Exhibition & Art fairs (selection):

The artist has taken part in numerous national and international exhibitions, u.a. in Germany, France and United States.

The artist about his work:

“The traditional painting techniques from tempera to classic oil painting to modern representations in acrylic and
Mixed techniques can be found in the works of Annika Siebert, above all. But also the printing techniques, Drawings and photography are essential parts of the work. Each work requires the right technique and time-
method, is filled, wiped or brushed or serves with the merging of several techniques and
Materials as a playground. In the collage, Siebert is allowed to go out of shape, break classic aspect ratios, send the golden ratio over the Wupper and drill, glue, burn, glue, rust, test stability
and bring materials together, who enter into their own relationship with each other, to lean on, take or reject. Annika Siebert usually works in series and leaves nothing to chance. The pictorial composition and a strict sequencing of the pictorial elements are the essential starting points of all works and precede a newly emerging series”.