Reinhard Riedel


Reinhard Riedel has been involved with art throughout his life, starting with the advanced art course during grammar school. Despite pursuing studies in computer science and mathematics, Reinhard maintained his passion for art while working in management positions in the IT sector for four decades. After retiring three years ago, he has dedicated himself to being a professional artist. Reinhard is now a member of the IAVARTS International Association of Visual Artists and the Artist Directory Board of Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Reinhard Riedel has showcased his work extensively. He founded in 2021 and participated in a cultural event in Glonn in May 2022. Notable exhibitions include ArtMuc (October 2022, October 2023), Kulturverein Glonn (December 2022, July 2024), and a solo exhibition at Galerie Riederer in Grafing (February 2023). He exhibited at Artfair Stuttgart (April 2023, April 2024), Galerie Bottega Barone in Berlin (July 2023), Gallery Art4Nature in Bad Tölz (February 2024), and ARTe fairs in Dresden (September 2024) and Innsbruck (October 2024). Additionally, he participated in an exhibition by the city of Augsburg (July 2024) and a joint exhibition
at Kloster Benediktbeuern (December 2024) and is currently working with Gallery Makowski.


My journey as an artist has been a lifelong endeavor, interwoven with a career in computer science and mathematics. The intersection of these disciplines has shaped my approach to art, blending analytical precision with creative exploration. Now retired from the IT sector, I
immerse myself fully in my artistic practice, focusing primarily on small-format portraits. These works develop their expressiveness through collages, allowing for a nuanced exploration of human emotions and relationships. My recent projects reflect a commitment to themes of light and shadow, as well as the intricate dynamics of human and natural forms. Collaborating with Gallery Makowski has further enriched my artistic perspective, providing a platform to engage with diverse audiences and fellow artists.