Raman Kaminski


Roman Kaminski, 1988 Born in Mohiliou, Belarus. In 2020 moved to Kyiv, Ukraine. Currently based in Paris, France. Graduated from Kyiv Academy of Media Arts (2018), and holds a degree in architecture. Among the main topics of his artistic practice are such as pollution of the environment, daily life, politics, a transformation of the images of the Classical antiquity and old masters, socialist realism, and figurative abstraction. Kaminski works in media of graphics, painting, installation, music and dance. He was taking part in exhibitions in Belarus, Ukraine and France.
In France, the artist began working with the theme of the war in Ukraine and made several series of works, one of which he would like to offer for the exhibition. In his artistic practice, Raman Kaminski combines techniques and colour palettes from different styles and periods. His work is a constant experiment in different media (painting, graphics, sculpture, music, dance), while the central theme of his creations revolves around everyday life and its psychological dimension. The works on display present a remarkable counterpoint between the subject matter and the way in which it is realised. This is true of the incredibly painful, lonely and tormented content of the works, which contrasts with the bright, saturated colour palette. It is precisely this counterpoint that creates a gap and acts as a portal to the artist’s painful experiences. The portal itself is amplified by the scale of the works, whose dominant monumentality serves as a metaphor for the power of internal traumatic and dramatic emotions, dwarfing both the artist and the viewer. All of the works in this series were created during the artist’s residency in Fontevraud, France, where he was given a medieval church building with stone walls as his studio. The texture of these walls is reflected in the canvases. In creating his self-portraits, Raman literally immersed himself in the experience and dissection of traumatic pain, and in the final stages of painting he decorated the portraits with bright flowers. To paraphrase the artist, this collection of works
represents his exploration and attempt to escape his own pain. In the process, art has become a therapeutic ritual for him.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

-Minsk 21/11/ 2015 SVOBODY 4 “Exhibition of Roma Kaminski”; 
– Minsk 5/06/2016 by Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў Personal exhibition “Singular Invisible Present”;
-Kiev 07/06/2018 gallery “Educatorium” participation in the exhibition “Peace Treaty”; 
-Kiev14 / 06/2018 art PLATFORM plant participation in the group exhibition “AKT”;
-Kiev 12/07/2018 gallery “Dukat” Reitarskaya 8B “Utility Capture”;
-Minsk 17/08/2018 lo-fi customs participation in the exhibition “karma: review”;
-Minsk 03/10/2019 by National Center for Contemporary Arts participation in the group exhibition “Presence”;
-Minsk 03/04/2020 by
GALLERY OF CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY ART DK Personal exhibition “Isolation”;
-Minsk 03/08/2020 online magazine about contemporary Belarusian art Chrysalis Mag Group exhibition “Zerno”; 
-Kiev 31/10/2020 online gallery of Ukrainian young art 39.9 gallery Group exhibition-sale “Saturday art fair”
-Stuttgart “ECLAT” 06/02/2021;
-Kiev 25/01/2022 wt_foundation/ Personal exhibition;
-Kyiv 08/12/22 Avangarden Kyiv Group exhibition “ВIдБIй тривоги”:
-France/Fontevraud Chapel St.Catherine 18.02.2023
Solo exhibition “portraits of artist”:
-France/Paris 03.03.2023
13 rue mazarine Group exhibition by Alexandra Lantz “Du sang pour l’acacia”;
-France/Paris 13.05.2023 Solo exhibition “sea of confusion” By Alexandra Lants 5 rue Callot;
-Poland/Warsaw 18.05.2023 Solo exhibition “past garden” Hos gallery
-Art Central Hongkong byGallery Makowski