Natalia Largina


Natalia Largina, originally from Novosibirsk, now resides in Alanya, Turkey. With a background in women’s clothing design, she pursued her passion for art through various esteemed courses. Initially working with watercolors, pencils, and acrylics, Natalia now exclusively paints in oils. Her artistic journey evolved from vibrant colors to high contrast monochrome, captivated by the powerful expression of emotions through black and white. Natalia has participated in numerous international exhibitions and competitions, earning several diplomas and medals, including prestigious awards in London. She is an honorary member of the International Academy of Contemporary Art and a member of the Union of Artists of Turkey.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Natalia Largina has participated in many prestigious international exhibitions, showcasing her work in cities such as Beijing, Berlin, New Delhi, Cairo, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Chania (Greece), Thessaloniki, Paris, Basel, Dubai, and Venice. Her contributions to these exhibitions have earned her recognition and acclaim in the art community.


“I strive to achieve harmony in my art. My goal is for my work to exude intensity, which I accomplish through the use of contrast. Like a mathematical formula, I believe art is primarily the magic of feelings and emotions, which cannot be simplified or reduced. By maximizing brightness and adding contrast, I find that the interplay of black and white can encapsulate a full spectrum of emotions. I deliberately chose monochrome as my visual language to intensify and hyperbolize emotions, allowing me to revisit color, texture, and form with fresh perspective. For me, the contrast of black and white is capable of expressing all feelings and emotions. I prefer large
formats with minimal small details, allowing my paintings to “breathe.” My artistic journey is one of exploring philosophy, the canvas, the material, and the thoughts of artists”.