Mikhail Danilyuk


Born in 1979, Mikhail embarked on his artistic journey at the tender age of 7, delving into the realms of oil painting, watercolor, and linocut. The vibrancy and unpredictability of watercolor soon captivated him, mirroring his own lively and adventurous spirit. Throughout his life, he has traversed the globe, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and landscapes, from the bustling streets of London and Rome to the serene expanses of the far East of Russia.
Watercolor, with its magical interplay of water and pigment, became not just a medium but a reflection of my essence, embracing both discipline and spontaneity in art.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

His artistic path has led him to showcase his works in prestigious venues worldwide. Mikhail has had the privilege of exhibiting at the World Art Dubai art fair, a global platform celebrating creativity and cultural exchange. Additionally, his artworks have graced the walls of numerous galleries across the globe, each exhibition adding depth and richness to his artistic narrative. Currently, he is honored to collaborate with Galerie Makowski, a renowned space for artistic innovation and excellence.


Watercolor, for me, embodies the pure magic of artistic expression. It is a medium that navigates between control and spontaneity, much like life’s journey. As an artist, I find fulfillment in the disciplined yet fluid nature of watercolor, where each brushstroke is a conversation between intention and chance. The subtle harmonies of colors, the interplay of light and shadow, and the ever evolving canvas of wet paper are all elements that keep my artistic exploration dynamic and vibrant. Watercolor is not just about creating a painting; it’s about embarking on a journey of self-discovery and embracing the beauty of imperfection.