Marina Plotnikova


Marina Plotnikova, born in Moscow, comes from a family of artists. She began exploring art in her father’s workshop and studied at art schools in Moscow and Paris. Marina participated in creative courses with professional artists, leading to her selection for national and international exhibitions and membership in the Taylor Foundation. Her name, meaning “marine” or “one who belongs to the sea,” reflects her deep connection to water, a significant source of inspiration. Marina excels in human and animal portraits, giving them a living, intense look. Her work spans a range of styles, from classic to abstract, using oil on canvas and drawings. She draws inspiration from everyday life, nature, and her travels, creating rich, coherent fictive worlds.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Marina has exhibited her work in numerous prestigious venues, including the Grand Palais ART CAPITAL and “Salon des Artistes Français” in Paris, where she received a “MENTION” award from the jury. Her exhibitions span personal shows like “Les Nébuleuses” in Paris and group exhibitions at venues such as Galerie Babel and La Ville A des Arts in Paris. Upcoming exhibitions include a personal show at Gallery “Espace L” in Geneva and a collective exhibition at Gallery Makowski in New York in 2024.


“I draw my inspiration from everyday life, my memories, nature, and my relationships. I focus on nature’s light and colors, the sea, the wind, the rain, and my travels around the world. Each time I have the opportunity to contemplate a natural environment, I find magnificent details that fill me with serenity, calm, and joy. These moments guide my brush and allow my imagination and emotions to flow”.