Loic de Maisonneuve


Born in 1974, Loic de Maisonneuve is a self-taught French wood sculptor. With a background in oceanography, he discovered his passion for wood while renovating his house.
Enchanted by its softness, touch, and lines, Loic has since been captivated by this living material. As a researcher, he continuously seeks new ways to enhance his art, understanding that working with wood means adapting to its unique history and characteristics to blend with, magnify, and make it vibrate.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Loic de Maisonneuve has participated in various national exhibitions and art fairs, primarily in France and Belgium. His artwork is showcased in several galleries across France, earning him recognition in the art community.


“I have always lived in close contact with nature. For me, working with wood means connecting with the journey of life. I like to plunge into the waves of annual rings, to rediscover the power of the elements and place my personal history there, so that it resonates with this raw material. Sometimes I color my pieces, not to hide it but to reveal it, to access a new dimension. Wood is then a gateway between the material and what hides there. For me, carving wood is an ode to nature, to the elements, to the landscape. Where human beings find their place in a wave that transcends them. Where, for a moment, we forget ourselves to rediscover the inner truth.”