Born in 1961 in Guadeloupe and raised in France, Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon was introduced to art by his adoptive father. He pursued a Master in Art Expression after exploring computer science and glassmaking. Jocelyn’s artistic journey spans Europe, Africa, and America. His early work, “The Spirit of the Earth,” used natural forest elements. A trip to Burkina Faso inspired his exploration of African masks, and a dream led to his study of Native American spirituality. In 2010, he visited Guatemala, deepening his research. Jocelyn’s triangular logo symbolizes his journey and themes like water, femininity, and the perception of the invisible. Now based in Guadeloupe, he explores the universe’s mysteries through Mayan cosmogony, with his character “Kioukan” questioning reality and time. His aesthetic choices reflect a profound contemplation on painting’s nature, with meticulous preparatory drawing and graphic research.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon has exhibited his work extensively over the past 30 years in prestigious venues worldwide. Recent highlights include the Prizm Art Fair in Miami and the IVX Biennale Florence in Italy, both in 2023. He also showcased his work at the Museo Nacional de Arte de Guatemala and in a traveling exhibition in Martinique.Additionally, Jocelyn has exhibited at The Crypt Gallery in London, Atrium Scène Nationale in Martinique, and Hôtel Arawak Beach Resort in Guadeloupe. Notable exhibitions include “Divine Feminine” in Martinique, “Aguas Calientes” in Guatemala, and “Ixchel, the Moon Goddess” in Seoul.His participation in the Affordable Art Fair in New York, the Biennale d’art contemporain du Marin in Martinique, and the Salon des Peintres d’Outre-Mer in Paris underscores his global artistic journey and dedication to his craft.


Jocelyn Akwaba Matignon explores the mysteries of the universe through Mayan cosmogony. His layered works depict Amerindian symbols, with his dreamlike character “Kioukan” representing mystical consciousness and questioning our place in space and time “Kioukan” reveals or hides reality, exploring boundaries between the tangible and elusive. Jocelyn’s art reflects his deep commitment to this exploration, with aesthetic choices that prompt reflection on the nature of painting. His characters are born from meticulous drawing and graphic research, merging profound contemplation with artistic expression.