Frédérique de Mortain


Frédérique de Mortain is an innovative artist known for her “multi-sensory” artworks that blend symbols with tactile experiences. Her art, characterized by the use of unconventional materials and unexpected objects, invites viewers to explore texture and sensory engagement.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Frédérique de Mortain has exhibited widely, including the prestigious “VANITAS XMAS” in Monaco in January 2024, where she showcased luxurious vanities in baroque, contemporary, and ethnic styles. Prior to this, her exhibition “Sacred Virus” in Lyon, France in 2023 featured over 200 works inspired by celestial themes, crafted over a period of 650 days.


“I like to tell new artistic stories. The image of Vanity inspired me to revitalize this path of life which will inexorably lead me to the unknown. By dressing vanities with light, I aim to distill surprise and the unexpected, opening the way to the beyond in beauty. My creations encourage viewers to project themselves into a new dimension, making each piece a beautiful hymn to life. Through “Vanitas XMAS,” I invite you to experience an exceptional exhibition and choose the vanity that resonates with you, like a lucky charm”.