Ellen Locke


Ellen Loke became 1968 born in Witten. She has a teaching degree, Studied pedagogy and has been taking photos for a few years.

Ellen Loke brings everything, what a good photographer needs: a flair for moods and the rich creative interest in everything, what surrounds him, and technical curiosity.
Your motivation always is, the beauty in things, found in nature and in people.

Exhibition & Art fairs (selection):

The artist took part in several national and international exhibitions, u.a. in Germany, France and United States.

The artist about his work:

“While I'm taking pictures, something wonderful happens.
I'm concentrated and lost and forget everything around me.
The pictures are always part of me, they reflect what is felt.
Even if I like to depict landscapes and people in their colorfulness, I am always fascinated by the powerful expression, revealed by black and white photography.

The monochrome view enables a concentration on the beauty of shape and form and the dynamism, inherent in life.
As a woman, why do I photograph the female nude?
It is the look at female beauty and the visualization of the soul.
I care less about the eroticism, but rather about the inner beauty, which flows outwards.
The women are naked but do not show their intimacy, despite all this, they open up their innermost being.
Feelings are transported, like longing, LIEBE, vulnerability, but also self-confidence and self-awareness, delicacy.
Treating people with care and respect is very important to me.
I would like, that my pictures touch”.