David Stein


Ausstellungen & Kunstmessen (Auswahl):

Der Künstler über sein Werk:

I rarely know when I start where I will end. The excitement is in the interim.
My abstract oils simmer in my mind until I lay down the first dot or line. They draw from my life. When I am happy, they are sunny and loose. When I am roiled, they explode with color, rich textures, concealed symbols and control. When I am reflective, I build deeply sensual sculptures in paint, roundly layered, sometimes punctuated with despair, but always with thoughts of life, hope and love.
My mother’s Swiss walls were my gallery until I struck out on my own at a rebellious 14, found a job washing pots and built a career as a hotelier.
Wherever I was across the globe, I painted.
Abstraction suits my absorption with the mysteries of life. This free style medium gives me license to explore with whatever tools are at hand. I sketched on sand when I spent a spiritually contemplative sabbatical in the desert and sometimes flesh out my work with my fingers or even a fork.
I gave away many paintings that hung on the walls of my homes early in my career when I entertained regularly.
My first public exhibition, “Life, Hope and Love,” was a solo event arranged as a charity benefit in the winter of 2013 in Hong Kong. People were generous. I was encouraged.
Four years later I left hospitality behind to see if I could become the artist I want to be.
Now I spend as many months as I can in New York studying and painting at The Art Students League. It is an exhilarating and humbling experience. I was honored when my teacher thought my work good enough for a Spring exhibition. I was so inexperienced I didn’t even know for days that the blue dot under my painting after the opening meant it had received a juried honorable mention.
“Keep painting. Keep painting,” I am told. “You are an artist.”
I am a work in progress