Corey Eid


Corey Eid, hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, discovered his passion for drawing three years ago in Los Angeles during the pandemic. At a professional crossroads, Corey prayed for guidance and soon found solace and purpose in art. His work, which he describes as imaginative realism, is deeply focused on the eyes of his subjects. Corey believes that when viewed up close, the eyes reveal truth—a truth he strives to capture in every piece he creates.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Corey Eid’s work has been featured in numerous
exhibitions and galleries, including solo and group shows at prominent venues such as the Wells Art Contemporary,
Visionary Art Collective, Teravarna Art Gallery, and the Hamptons Fine Art Fair. His art has earned him recognition as a finalist and honorable mention in various
prestigious art contests.


I love drawing people. As the saying goes, “The eyes are the window to the soul,” and I truly believe you can sense someone’s energy through their eyes. My primary focus as an artist is to capture not just the likeness but the essence of my subjects. By emphasizing the eyes, I aim to reveal the truth and depth within each person I portray.