Angelina Rauen


Angelina Rauen was born in 1990 in Bensberg, just outside of Cologne. Her artistic journey has started in her early childhood when she first experimented with brushes and canvas. Her paintings are not only a creative act, otherwise they are also a place of retreat and a journey of discovering her own identity. She enjoys experimenting
with new materials and different techniques to create unique pieces of art.

Exhibitions & Art Fairs:

Her artwork has been exhibited in France by Gallery Makowski in Paris.

Der Künstler über sein Werk:

Inspired by comics, as well as childhood heroes of pop culture, I transform ordinary elements into artistic statements. This combination of art and pop culture creates a bridge between past and present, tradition and innovation. I show a range of versatility by combining different media and techniques by placing them in a different context. I like experimenting with different shapes and new materials to create a multi-faceted artistic identity. Each of my artworks tells a unique story, captured in vibrant colors and dynamic shapes. My art doesn’t only speaks for myself. It is intended to invite viewers to immerse themselves in the creative world and connect with the layered emotions embedded in every brushstroke and line. Every work of art becomes a medium that captures emotions, memories, and interpretations. It also
examines consumer society. My artworks will tell more than words could say.