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1. Participation and exclusion from participation


(1) The organizer of the campaign is Galerie Makowski.

(2) Anyone can take part, who created their own work of art at Global Fashion Week in Paris 02.03.2024 want to exhibit. Participants do not necessarily have to be associated with Galerie Makowski. Questions about the competition are open to judge. Employees of the Makowski Gallery are excluded from participation.

(3) The participant takes part in the competition, by uploading one or more works of art to the system. The file size of a photo cannot be larger than 1 MB. Photos, which is the maximum specified image size (1920x1080px) exceed, are automatically reduced in size. The photo submitted must only be the artist's own work of art.

The cost of uploading a photo is:

Artwork up to 80cm x 80cm = €200.00 incl. the currently applicable VAT via Paypal

Artwork up to 100cm x 100cm = €250.00 incl. the currently applicable VAT via Paypal

Artwork from 100cm x 100cm = €300.00 incl. the currently applicable VAT via Paypal

After uploading a photo, it will be checked by Galerie Makowski. The artists are allowed until 02.03.2024 Upload artwork. Submissions and registrations after the closing date can no longer be considered.

(4) The Makowski Gallery reserves the right, only publish photos, which are legally harmless.

(5) The participants agree to ensure this, that your own works of art up to 02.03.2024 be brought independently to the Paris location and if not sold on 02.03.2024 can be picked up again after the exhibition ends. The participant bears the costs for transporting the work of art. If a work of art is sold at the exhibition, the Makowski Gallery receives it 25% of the sales price plus. the currently applicable VAT.

(6) The participants agree to participate, to accept participation.

(7) The Makowski Gallery reserves the right, to exclude individuals from participation, provided there are legitimate reasons, such as. Violation of the conditions of participation, present. In such a case, winnings can also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.

2. Changes to entry rules and termination of the promotion

The Makowski Gallery reserves the right:
1. The conditions of participation can be changed at any time.
2. To stop or discontinue uploading any Artwork to the System at any time for cause without notice. This is particularly true, if proper implementation is not possible for technical or legal reasons or. The occurrence of force majeure cannot be guaranteed. Where possible, this action will be resumed at a later date.

3. data protection

(1) The participant agrees, that your voluntarily provided personal data (Name, E-Mail) processed by Galerie Makowski for the purpose of carrying out the campaign (z.B. stored and used) may be.

The legal basis for consent is Art. 7 and 13 EU GDPR and § 51 BDSG. The consent is valid until revoked. It can be revoked at any time and without giving reasons. The revocation can be verbal, in writing or electronically and must be addressed to: Gallery Makowski, 31 rue de beaune, 75007 Paris, or In the event of revocation, participation in the campaign is no longer possible. In addition to the right of withdrawal, those who consent have the rights according to Art. 15-18, 20, 77, EU GDPR for information, Rectification or deletion and restriction of processing, a right to data portability and a right to complain to the supervisory authority (Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI), Husarenstr. 30, 53117 Bonn, Telephone: +49 (0)228 997799-0 to.

(2) The data is stored up to a maximum of 30.06.2024 processed and then deleted.

(3) The Makowski Gallery points this out, that all personal data of participants will not be made accessible to third parties. Protecting privacy and personal data on the Internet is important to us.

4. usage- and exploitation rights

By submitting the photo(s), participants give Galerie Makowski exclusive control free of charge, spatially, unlimited use in terms of content and time- and exploitation rights to the submitted photo and declare at the same time, that it is your own photo, which is free from third party rights. No financial demands can be made from this campaign to Galerie Makowski or its cooperation partners.

You can send inquiries about the campaign by email or directly in the Gallery Makowski.

Stand: 20.01.2024